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Performing Arts in The Berkshires

Despite the distinctly non-metropolitan locale, Berkshire County and the surrounding area has become an intersection of music, art and theatre. To visit the charming Berkshires in high season is a stimulating experience with a traditional and distinguished history. One would be hard pressed to find an area anywhere with such diversity in the realm of musical performance: from blues and jazz to Broadway and classical, orchestras and choral festivals to musical theatre and chamber concerts. This article will highlight some of the upcoming Spring and Summer 2001 Season which is, as expected, generously stocked with cutting edge musical talent.

The true difficulty for the lover of arts is to fit in as many of the musical offerings as possible. However, considering the enormous summer schedule, listed in part below, and the convenient proximity to the large cities of the Northeast and Canada, locals and visitors alike are urged to sample as much of the variety as they can. In this often stressful and confusing age, it is comforting to know that that enlightenment can be obtained through the performing arts, especially when they are couched in the inviting atmosphere of the Berkshires.

Join us in the upcoming season as the masters in our community continue to share the excitement of music in all its glory. World class performances are available on a nightly basis, mixed with ample dining and elegant lodging, come experience America’s finest cultural attractions right here in the Berkshires.

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