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Spring + Summer 2012

Over the last 25 years we have tried to operate the Inn efficiently while maintaining a high
quality. In the last year we made a concerted effort to reduce every operational cost we could
while dealing with large increases in utilities,supplies, and the general cost of doing business. Each
day we read in the newspaper of a restaurant or motel that has closed it’s doors. Many of our
long time friends have been unable to survive.

While cost reduction is important there is another option….increase prices and pass these costs on
to our guests. We have not done that because we do not want to place any more economic burden
on our guests…many of whom have been with us during the good times. Many of our competitors
increase their rates during peak periods; require minimum stays and even charge different rates
for different days of the week. Our rates are the same when ever you stay and have not changed
in more than 10 years.

We are proud to say rates are the same this winter as they were last summer.

You should have the opportunity to enjoy a winter vacation this year and we want it to be with us!


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